Cat Gestation

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Cat gestation is a normal biological process just like any other animal. There is specific feline gestation time and period which can be observed in these mammals. If you own a pet cat, you can observe specific behavioral changes in them prior to mating time and during the gestation period. It may also be a good idea to be informed of cat gestation even if you are opting to spay your cat as sometimes you may have no choice but to neuter them during early pregnancy.

cat questions answered stop bad cat behavior

The first thing that normally comes to mind about cat gestation is how do you tell that your kitty is pregnant? Usually, cats mate during the warm season. Though it is not easy to tell yet when they get into the heat phase, they demonstrate certain behavioral changes such as producing different sounds rather than their usual purring, fluid secretion from hind part etc which can be tell-tale signs. However, once the cat’s natural desire is satisfied, it quickly comes out of the heat and behaves normally again. It is usually during the second or third week of pregnancy that you may get the notion that your cat is pregnant.

Cat gestation has also a specific time span just like other animals. The bigger the animal is, the longer is the gestation period. In cats, this period usually lasts for almost 57 to 69 days. Variations in feline gestation period between 63 or 64 days can also be noted.

During gestation, drastic changes in behavior can be noticed in your feline friend. Your cat may suddenly exhibit nicer and gentler behavior. You may notice that it starts demanding more attention, care and also food as it carrying a baby now. With the gradual growth of the kittens inside her womb, the mother cat starts searching for a safe place to give birth. It tries to finds a place safe from other cats, dogs and other dangers.

During cat gestation, you should comfort your pet. Remember to consult a vet immediately if your pregnant cat crosses the gestation period or starts giving birth too early.

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