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cat questions answeredHello everyone and welcome to Cat Questions Answered!

Have you ever had a cat related question and been frustrated over the lack of information available? The internet is full of dog training and health related websites, but sadly for kitty lovers, information on our feline friends has been scarce.

Being a frustrated cat lover myself, I decided to compile the most frequently asked cat questions and answers on my website. Most cat questions are based on one of the five categories below

cat questions answered stop bad cat behavior

Cat Health Problems, Symptoms and Cures

If you are worried sick because you don’t know if your feline friend has caught a disease, we may have the answer for you. We have researched all the common cat health problems out there ranging from cat constipation and cat dandruff to more serious ailments such as feline leukemia. Whenever possible, we have also listed some of the home remedies that you may try. Please note though that professional advice from a vet should always be sought for serious cat health problems.

Cat Behavior Problems

Are you scratching your head over cat behavior problems such as biting, aggression and spraying? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Check on our articles on how you can solve these problems and more.

Cat Training

Some of us want to know how to train a cat to perform elaborate tricks while most of us just want to make do with some good cat toilet training. Our website features a collection of articles on all sorts of cat training guides.

Information on the Different Cat Breeds

Do you know the difference between a Persian cat and a Ragdoll cat? What are the long hair cat breeds available today? If you are looking to purchase a cat, it’s best to do your research and find out the perfect cat breed for your personality and environment.

Cat Treats

Today you can pamper your kitty in so many ways. Cat treats can range from toys to a new recipe to more elaborate treats such as kitty condos. We review some of the best ways you can reward your pet and shower her with your love.

If you have any unanswered cat questions, feel free to send them to us and we’ll try our best to find the right answers for you.

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